Head of Department Message

Energy, as a necessary element for the promotion of community welfare and a necessary factor of production in production, is one of the essential inputs for economic and social development. The content of energy always keeps on the front lines of energy sources and efficient use of energy. On the other hand nuclear energy sources and renewable energy sources by defining hydraulic, solar, wind, biomass has gained importance as inexhaustible source of production. The inadequacy of energy production has opened up new investigations to enable hydrogen to be used as a source of untapped resources.

In our country, which is in the status of developing countries, industrialization is increasing and this together with the increase in the amount of energy consumption per capita, which is a measure of our development, shows the importance of energy. From Turkey's point of view, it is immediately seen that the investments to be made in the energy sector are very necessary. In addition, projects that make Turkey an energy corridor are on the agenda. Turkey, from the north to the south, east to west, will be equipped with oil or natural gas pipes. Turkey has become an "Energy Corridor" between the energy producers and consumer countries through the effective use of the existing geostational position. This will ensure that our country is an energy hub. This phenomenon alone is enough to make energy in our country one of the most important items of the day. The fact that these resources can be used more efficiently is clearly indicative of the demand for Energy Systems Engineering.

As a result, Turkey is currently holding are aware of the development of the energy sector and to obtain a license, are competing for space in this area. So we are on the right track. Prior to that, machinery and electrical engineers were employed in the energy sector. But thanks to the students graduated from departments like us and ours, energy engineers will now be employed. For this reason, in addition to a strong theoretical training in this department, it is obvious that our students who will graduate as engineers with knowledge, experience and high level of culture and who can take an APPLIED training and use the technology well will be in good standing in the sector.

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin YAPICI

Head of Department of Energy Systeös Engineering